On 28th May the Brussels British Community Association (BBCA), in conjunction with British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium, held a session on the Practical Implications of Brexit.

Session Overview

The Ambassador, HE Alison Rose spoke on the issue of security and gave a UK Government (pre-election) update. Also, other topics covered included obtaining Belgian Citizenship and the impact on social security and health insurance.

Additionally, The Fry Group (Belgium) Director, Ed Read Cutting, (pictured on the left during the Q&A Session) also spoke about implications on pensions, both Pillar I (state) and Pillar II (occupational).

You can find copies of his Practical Implications of Brexit, (and other) presentation(s) on the BBCA home page.

If you have related pension questions, please feel free to email us on info@thefrygroup.be.

Practical Implications of Brexit

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