On 23 June, The Fry Group hosted the third (virtual) event in the 2020 ‘Women & Money’ series in conjunction with Professional Women International (PWI).

Amanda Newell, Financial Adviser at The Fry Group Belgium, spoke for part of the session which was titled ‘Investment opportunities available for your wealth when you are a busy professional’.  Amanda explained the importance of ensuring the wealth you accumulate from your career is invested in a way which grows and gives you peace of mind for the long term and for a wealthy retirement.

Amanda also invited two guest speakers.  Beth Richardson, founder of The BIG Foundation, spoke about how important it is to be able to invest in others less fortunate than ourselves and how this can be achieved once you have your own security

Amanda’s second guest speaker was Cleopatra Kitti, founder of Queens of Money. Cleopatra spoke about how important it is for your financial wealth as a woman to set goals, understand what is available to you and plan for a rich future.

Once again, the event was well attended, with many questions posed for all the speakers.  Amanda looks forward to welcoming you to her next session after the summer. For further details please contact us.


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