On Tuesday, 26 September 2017, The Fry Group hosted an evening seminar entitled Where in the World…?

The seminar focussed on the tax planning opportunities of investing using a tax wrapper.

Speaking to a packed crowd of 80 at the Press Club in the centre of Brussels, Ed Read Cutting set the scene before handing over to Marc Quaghebeur, a partner with De Broeck Van Laere who delved into the various tax scenarios which might impact those considering retirement in different EU countries (Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal and Italy).

Jeremy Woodley, UK Director of The Fry Group, picked up the thread for those considering a return to the UK, once again highlighting the potential tax liabilities.

David Denton of Old Mutual International engaged the audience with the solutions and highlighted the tax-saving options, the caveat being that each individual’s circumstances are different and proper financial advice should be sought first.

The Q&A was limited due to time but discussions continued for over an hour over refreshments.

A copy of the presentation is here. If you have a specific question to do with investing for retirement please contact us.

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