Wealth and Investment Advice for British Expatriates in Belgium

When living in Belgium you will have a number of financial needs, reliant on both your individual circumstances and your expatriate status. Being a British expatriate in Belgium offers an opportunity to build and nurture wealth outside of the confines of the UK tax net. Our wealth and investment experts will work with you to carefully align your investments and make the most of your savings and assets, all the while maintaining the value of your hard-earned capital. As an independent financial adviser we work hard to ensure the highest standards of professionalism and capability through all of our client work.

The heart of our work lies in a strategic wealth plan, which takes into account your financial responsibilities, plans for the future and attitude to risk. With life expectancy increasing and global mobility easier than ever, putting the right financial foundation in place is more important than ever before.

Whilst you are working and continuing to earn, protecting your income is important, particularly if you have a family to provide for. A number of financial considerations can come into play here and we help clients build resilience into their financial affairs, whilst maintaining the right standard of living and planning for the future.

Pension planning is imperative, especially whilst you are pursuing an international career, and many expatriates in Belgium can approach retirement with a variety of pensions and a number of options available to make best use of the funds. For anyone who has worked in the UK and has one or more UK pension fund, there can be substantial benefits in transferring pensions into an overseas scheme or a UK equivalent.

Many British expatriates living in Belgium keep close links with the UK, regularly returning to the UK to visit family, check on a property back home or because their children are educated at a school in the UK. School fees planning can be a significant consideration for expatriates, whether the decision is to educate in Belgium or further afield, and we can provide guidance and advice in this area.

For more information about our wealth services please get in touch us on + 32 (0)2639 4560 or info@thefrygroup.be.

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