UK Tax Planning Advice for British Expatriates in Belgium

Living in Belgium offers various options for you to reduce your UK tax bill. Making sense of the various allowances available can be complicated but our team in Brussels, many of whom are British expatriates themselves, have significant experience when it comes to helping you legitimately make the most of your expatriate status in order to pay no more tax than you should.

A range of UK taxes can still have an impact on your finances when you are living and working in Belgium, including Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax. The Statutory Residence Test will also be relevant if you are living in Belgium and it is vital to ensure that your residency status is clear when taking steps to reduce your tax bill. UK residence rules have changed significantly over recent years but our Tax team are well versed in the new legislation and can help you negotiate the requirements now in place to ensure your tax status is not impacted.

Whether you are living in Belgium for the short or long-term you may have chosen to keep hold of your UK property. Tax allowances exist for those letting out the family home or keeping a hold on the UK property ladder and we can guide you as to what tax breaks can be used if you still own a UK home.
Alongside these tax planning elements, our Tax team can provide a core compliance service helping you if you need to complete and file an annual Tax Return, keeping you abreast of any changes in tax legislation and dealing with HMRC in the event of a tax query.

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