UK Tax, Wealth and Estate Planning Advice for British Expatriates in Belgium

The Fry Group provides UK tax, wealth and estate planning advice to British expatriates living in Belgium and around the world. Whatever your individual circumstances we are here to help. Our focus is on developing solid and life-long client relationships which are built upon professionalism, honesty and exceptional service. Ultimately we are proud of what we do and we are proud of the way we do it.


If you are a British expatriate living overseas the first step when considering your finances is to ensure that you pay no more tax than you need to. Our team of tax experts, many of whom have worked for HM Revenue and Customs, have an excellent appreciation of the UK tax landscape and can help you throughout the time you are living in Belgium and beyond. There are a variety of options which can be brought into use when reducing the tax burden; the skill is in knowing which allowances to use and when. We can help whatever your individual circumstances.


When it comes to your wealth you will have your own priorities and aspirations. Building capital takes a lot of hard work and careful planning, so it is important to nurture what you have accumulated over the years. The focus of our financial advice is to help you protect your wealth and enjoy your expatriate life during your time in Belgium, take the steps needed to plan for a comfortable future, all the while with the peace of mind that your capital will be efficiently passed on when the time comes.


Considering what will happen to your estate in the future can be emotional and it can be difficult to think through all the scenarios. Estate planning, when done correctly, will provide a sense of relief and peace of mind. Our team works carefully and tactfully, helping you to consider all of the options, set up a tax-efficient UK Will and, if necessary, put in place a Lasting Power of Attorney. To help ensure your wishes are fulfilled when the time comes we can also support you in all aspects of general estate administration and act as an Executor.

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