On 18th May, we returned to present to members of the Brussels Childbirth Trust (BCT) at their premises in Ixelles. The evening was used to discuss the importance of Wills and Marriage Contracts.

The Importance of Wills and Marriage Contracts

Amanda Newell opened the evening. She explained how The Fry Group’s financial planning services are closely linked with the services of other professionals, such as tax advisers and Notaries.

Our main speaker, Belgian Notary Danielle Cherpion, gave a very informative presentation. She covered what would happen to your estate if you were to die in Belgium without making a Will, and also how it can be affected depending on your marriage contract. Inheritance tax and the new EU succession rules were also covered.

Pauline Curran closed the presentation and invited questions from the audience. A variety of questions were asked, greatly reflecting  the international group of attendees. They also demonstrated the complexity of the subject and the need to take professional advice based on personal circumstances.

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